Upcoming book about Finnish landscape architects
The book is on stock 11th October. 

In Finland, landscape architects are a young and emerging professional group whose work we see every day in cities and in the countryside, in outdoor spaces, green spaces, parks, squares and residential areas. The scope of the profession is constantly expanding to cover ever larger entities.

The Landscape Architecture Degree Programme was launched in Finland in 1989. Over a period of almost thirty years, more than two hundred and fifty professionals have graduated from the programme. This book introduces a variety of graduates with diverse profiles and their role and contribution to designing and shaping our living environment.

What is Finnish landscape architecture now and how will it be in the future? The book presents landscape architects working with different profiles. The publication gives a voice to those working in the field and brings professionals into the spotlight. The perspectives and articles are also supplemented by a wide range of images.

The editorial team includes Professor Jyrki Sinkkilä, Head of the Degree Programme at Aalto University, Lecturer of Landscape Architecture Emilia Weckman, and Landscape Architect Aapo Pihkala. The book is published by Aalto Arts Books. The publication of the book is scheduled for the 30th anniversary of the Degree Programme in Landscape Architecture in October 2019. The book is written in Finnish.