LANDMARK 30 POP-UP is a special project in Aalto University, that where students of landscape architecture design an unique statement as an artwork under the theme of LANDMARK. The course is implement during summer 2019 and it will be captured to be presented at the jubilee week. Teachers are landscape architects Sini Parikka and Meri Mannerla-Magnusson.

(fo)rest in Flow Festival

(fo)rest is a landmark and a place for rest. Just like landscape architecture, (fo)rest is about combining art, sustainability and functionality and rethinking natural environment as spaces and architecture. The installation offers a forest-like experience in an urban festival context. The creators are Emilia Hiltunen, Sofia Kangas, Anna-Kaisa Kyllönen, Hilja Léman, Katja Leppäranta, Pirita Meskanen, Pia Mikkonen, Anniina Norpila, Maija Pakarinen, Meeri Pitkänen, Veera Soikkeli and Miisa Ulmanen.

Responsible organizers:

Meri Mannerla-Magnusson, lecturer, Landscape Architecture, Aalto University

Sini Parikka, landscape architect, cultural producer