Landscape architecture is a multidisciplinary field which integrates knowledge and skills from the arts, natural sciences, humanities and technology. The purpose of landscape architecture is to produce a good, safe, aesthetic and sustainable environment as well as ecological and functional urban areas. Landscape architecture involves the planning, design, construction and management of outdoor spaces, with the scale of the work varying from detailed courtyard designs to large-scale landscape design and urban planning.

The Degree Programme in Landscape Architecture is one of the degree programmes offered by the Department of Architecture at the Aalto School of Arts, Design and Architecture. The majors offered for the programme are landscape design and management, landscape design and construction, and urban planning and design.

The programme was launched on 1 August 1989, at which point the first landscape architecture professorship was also established. In addition, a Government decision added the academic title ‘landscape architect’ to the decree on technical and scientific qualification.

Currently around 160 students are studying in the programme. Over the years, 240 landscape architects have graduated from the programme

Aalto University’s Degree Programme in Landscape Architecture has been accredited by the International Federation of Landscape Architect (IFLA), meaning that it meets the criteria set by professional organisations for landscape architecture education.